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What’s worse than stepping out of your front door the day after a huge Simcoe County  snow storm and having to trudge through a few feet of snow just to get to your car? At OxiSnow we understand that you don’t always have the time or energy to clear the snow from your home’s driveway. Our OxiSnow removal professionals pride themselves on always being on-time and professional, providing the best possible service for your money and ensuring that your snow blowing experience is one that you can truly feel good about. For all your Collingwood, Blue Mountain and Simcoe County snow removal needs, call Oxi6 Snow Service today! We only use Kubota Tractors with Snow Throwers, we only focus on residentual customers. While there is no job too small for our professional snow removal services, we aren’t exactly a small-time snow removal company. We employ and rigorously maintain a variety of different snow removal equipment to ensure we are able to complete any snow removal job that you have, with the greatest degree of efficiency possible. Again we only use blowers to ensure that no snow remains in those critical areas surrounding your driveway, without damaging your driveway and property.

(Please note: We only do Driveway Area)


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