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Exterior of Property

  • Walk the perimeter of the home and check for overall condition, faulty or broken irrigation lines

  • Storm Watch: check for damage caused by high winds

  • Check windows screens, doors and solar panels for any damage or signs of intrusion

  • Retrieve any deliveries (UPS, FedEx, etc.) and place them inside the house along with mail & newspapers (We would also be happy to forward mail and deliveries to you – extra fee may apply)

  • Check garage, open and close garage doors

  • Visually check for any insect or pest intrusion

  • Check landscaping for potential problems

  • Check pool maintenance

  • Run automobiles (as needed – extra fee may apply)

Interior of Property

  • Comprehensive interior room-by-room walkthrough

  • Visually check overall condition and security of the home

  • Visually check for signs of water leaks

  • Visually check signs of pest intrusion

  • Run garbage disposal, dishwasher

  • Check refrigerator and freezer; adjust settings accordingly

  • Flush all toilets and wait until the run is complete

  • Run all faucets, check under cabinets for leaks

  • Run air conditioner (as needed)

  • Visually check for signs of mildew and mold

  • Ensure smoke detectors are functional

  • Check to see electrical devises (lights, clocks, timers) are operating properly

  • Water plants (as needed)

  • Reset security system upon departure

We send you regular Updates with photos of any potential problems when we check your home. Owners will be notified/consulted in the event repair is required.


We will perform additional services unique to your property per your request and customize our service to meet your needs.

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