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Rodent Identification

There are many different rodent species located throughout the world. Rodents are common and formidable pests in human dwellings. They may thrive in urban or rural settings and are known to cause considerable damage to buildings. Rodents are also transmitters of dangerous diseases.

Control of rodent infestations is important to protect human health and the integrity of infested structures. However, prior to undertaking any control or extermination methods, proper identification of rodent species is necessary. Some are more resilient than others. Some species, such as deer mice, are known to be carriers of deadly viruses and may require specific safety measures. It’s important to contact your local pest control professional to provide proper identification and highly customized solutions for your pest control problems.

Most rodents are identifiable by behavior, specific body features and coloration. Some rodents bear tails that are much shorter than the lengths of their bodies, while others have tails that far exceed that length. Rats tend to have hairless tails and ears and are larger in size than most mice. Some rodents are solidly colored, while others exhibit dual coloration or gradual variations in color between their backs and feet or bellies.

Contact a OxiSix pest management professional for assistance in identifying the rodent and for treatment options.

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